Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jazz Connection 2/28/10

Hey team. I hope you enjoyed the program. I played in a band concert on Sunday with WFLCCB, so this was a prerecorded show. This was the first in a three week run of pre-recorded shows, so if you have any requests please email them to me at . If you're interested, I'll be canning the show from the 7th (which is a tuba jazz themed show) because I'm playing in Nate Engh's senior trombone recital at 7pm in the NRH at Luther. Next up, on the 14th of March (soul jazz themed show) I'll be taking part in a trivia contest for Habitat for Humanity with other members of KWLC. Hope you enjoy the music, and you're more than welcome at each of the events listed above.

1. Coleman Hawkins - Meets the Big Sax Section - There is Nothing Like A Dame
2. The Louis Hayes Group - Variety Is The Spice - Stardust
3. James Zollar - Zollar Systems - Slick
4. EEA - The Dark - Keystone
5. Aram Shelton's Fast Citizen's - Two Cities - Big News
6. The Heath Brothers - Passing Thru - A New Blue
7. Sherman Irby Quartet - Live at the Otto Club - Countdown
8. Charlie Hunter - Gentlemen, I Neglect to Inform You That You Will Not Be Getting Paid - High Pockets and a Fanny Pack
9. Johnny Smith's - Kaleidoscope - By Myself

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