Sunday, May 2, 2010

E Pluribus KWLC

So far, this blog has served as a way to fulfill my narcissistic, self-aggrandizing desires to tell you, the reader, about what I'm doing. I masked this by pretending that this was a way for me to codify my college radio career, which I hope has been influential to anyone who has tuned into the program or any others on KWLC. I have worked as a DJ at KWLC for 4 years. I have been a Jazz Music Director and Station Manager for the past 3 years. I care immensely about the work that this station is doing and I care even more about the path it is going down in the future. I believe that college radio is the last truly independent media where people can determine and express what they believe is worth spreading around to the general public. We are the gatekeepers. Our tiny 1000 watt station, in particular, has a tradition of independence and progression and it is always a bit nerve wracking (also incredibly exciting) when the reigns are handed to the next generation of volunteer staffers. I have never been able to articulate these feelings as well as Joe Thor, a sophomore jazz DJ and our future promotions director, has in this past week's publication of "The AM."

From April 25, 2010 - E Pluribus KWLC

Here at Luther College, KWLC is a broad term referring to a family of music lovers and radio devotees. We are broadcast 56 hours a week, providing a range of programming from the likes of jazz, sports, rock, dance, politics, classical, hip-hop, blues, and world music. Each week, our DJs devote free time to listen to the newest albums from various record labels, and create an hour of quality programming that reflects their personality and passion for music. Our goal is simple: to expose as many people to great music and programming as we possibly can, and to provide a creative outlet for those individuals who care enough about music to devote their time and energy to our station.

KWLC was founded in 1926, and since then we have been continuously on the air. Having survived the Great Depression, the station has grown and changed in ways that the original founders could not have imagined. With the ability to stream our music online, KWLC can reach anywhere in the world where an Internet connection is available. Even a few astronauts floating above Earth might be able to tune in if they are so inclined. This year alone has seen our radio station branching out and exploring new ideas and concepts. KWLC now provides a weekly Radio Drama that is the brainchild of Amie Heller, and host of other motivated individuals on Saturdays. The jazz DJs have presented three different specials in this last semester alone; ABCs of Jazz, a Spotlight of Instruments, and most recently, Profiles in Jazz. “Partisan the Interruption,” is a political talk show organized and recorded right here on campus, combining humor and knowledge in a fantastic show which is both fun and interesting to listen to. KWLC’s hallmark is quality and creative programming: Regardless of when you tune in, you are sure to hear something that is the result of caring and passionate individuals.

The end of this school year marks another changing of the guards at KWLC. As sad as it is to see seniors leave for the dreaded real world, it provides an opportunity for all of you folks. KWLC broadcasts 56 hours a week, which means we need at least 56 devoted individuals to ensure our favorite noncommercial radio station keeps broadcasting its great music and programming, as it has for the last 80+ years. If you are devoted, love music, and most importantly, you want to share your passion for music with others at Luther, in Decorah, and around the world- HERE IS YOUR CHANCE! Keep your eyes open when you arrive at Luther next fall, when audition information will be posted around campus. KWLC is the result of people like you; help continue this great Luther tradition by adding your creativity and passion to this long-standing institution. Out of many, there is KWLC. E Pluribus KWLC.

-Joe Thor (Jazz)

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