Sunday, May 16, 2010

WFLCCB Special

The Luther College Concert Band began in 1905 when Carlo A. Sperati, a Luther grad, became the music director of the college. The band had been founded in 1878, modeled after John Philip Sousa's group. The band soon gained worldwide notoriety following their international tours, which began in 1914. As the current LCCB prepares themselves for yet another international trip, this time to Japan, KWLC wanted to feature the variety of music that is provided by the group. As a three and a half year member of the group, as a tubist, I was honored to program the following playlist that features the eclectic mix of marches, ballads, and contemporary and even avant-garde pieces that the World Famous Luther College Concert Band prepares each semester. If you were not able to catch the broadcast and you are in the Decorah area, LCCB will be performing Friday May 21st in the CFL on the campus of Luther College.

1. Louis Joseph Ferdinand Herold (arr. Van der Beek) - Overture to Zampa
2. Traditional (arr. Randol Alan Bass) - Shenandoah
3. David Holsinger - Little Fantasy on an American Hymn
4. Karel Husa - Music for Prague 1968: Introduction and Fanfare
5. Malcolm Arnold - Four Scottish Dances: II. Vivace
6. John Philip Sousa - The Black Horse Troop
7. Daisuke Ehara - The Restless Soul
8. Daniel Kallman - Streets of Honor March
9.- 10. Roger Cichy - Silhouette: Bluesy - Reflection
11. Luigi Zaninelli - Roma Sacra
12 -20. Leonard Bernstein (trans. Clare Grundman) - Divertimento - Sennets and Tuckets - Waltz - Mazurka - Samba - Turkey Trot - Sphinxes - Blues - In Memoriam; March "The BSO Forever"
21. Masaru Tanaka - Methuselah II
22. J.S. Bach - Who Puts His Trust In God Most Just
23. John Philip Sousa - Stars and Stripes Forever

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